The Tashiba 31 was designed by Robert Perry in partnership with the Ta Shing boat yard of Taiwan in 1985 and production began in 1986. I'll let Robert Perry himself tell the story of the developement:

"In about 1985 B.K. Kuo, manager at Ta Shing and great guy came to me and asked about updating the  Tashiba line. They would keep the 40 as is but they wanted a new boat to replace the Baba30 and another new boat to replace the Flying Dutchman 35. I was hot to do this and agreed to start right away on the two new models. The only unusual stipulation was that B.K. wanted to come to Seattle and be in the office everyday while the new designs were being produced. Paul Fredrickson  aka "cleat" was my design associate at the time and big Paul was a great guy so I thought this could work. But where would  B.K. Stay while in Seattle. I got it. My house! I had room. My kids were so excited that a Taiwanese man was coming to stay with us. It went very smoothly. B.K. even got up at 5am with me every morning to go to the gym for a workout and a swim. He was a gamer. He even ate my cooking without complaint.I now had the very successful Baba 40 behind me so there was no doubt as to the direction for the hull shapes of the new 31 and 36. 
I would once again use the firm bilge, deadrise sectional shape combined with flatter buttock and rocker. I pulled the leading edge of the keel as far aft as possible could. Paul and I worked hard on these two boats. Paul drew the lines for the  36 and I drew the lines for the 31. In all my years in the office Paul was the only help I trusted drawing hull lines for a "Perry design". Paul did lines for the CT56 and Passport 37 also. I would draw a quick preliminary set of lines and Paul would produce the working set of lines. B.K. cracked the whip and Paul and I produced two good designs. Effort was made during the design to try and keep the build cost down by simplifying some of the details. When Bob Berg drove the project labor cost was never an issue and Bob's boats were quite complex in their detailing., The B.K. driven boats would be simpler, cleaner and far more to my taste.
I think with these last two additions o the Tashiba line I proved that "full keel" boats do not have to be slow. Both the 31 and the 36 are even better boats than is the 40. They are deceptively quick and beautifully balanced. For fun we did a pilot house version of each boats but few were sold. I think the Pilot house Tashiba 36  is the very best looking pilot house boat you can find at 36', anywhere, by anyone. Of course in aesthetics it is closely followed by Donn and Kerry's beautiful BRIGADOON. The tricks we learned on the 35 and 40 pilot house models were used on the 31 and 36 PH models. Both of these are hard to find models, I think they built only two of the 31 PH models. Of course, like almost all full keel boats with the prop in an aperture they don't back up with any style and grace at all. But in time you can learn to muscle them around in  reverse. Or, install a bow thruster."

Below is a picture of Brigadoon, a Tashiba 40 PH